Pyrrus x Escada III by Dekolt
* 05/2005  Purebred Arabian Performance Gelding / Leistungs-Vollblutaraberwallach
Gray / Schimmel           1,55 m.
Ridden endurance youngster with perfect performance pedigree
same mother lineage as
French endurance stallion Kahrubaa Al Doha (CEI** FRA)


Sire Pyrrus                                   Sire of Dam, Dekolt     


Sire Pyrrus:
- successful race-track (19-3/5-5-6), winning Gr. I-races (e.g. Bandos Stakes POL 1983)
- sold to USA for 500.000 US$
- multi Show-Champion, e.g. Supreme Champion Scottsdale/USA 1987
- reimported to Belgium, he was honored European Champion Ridden Horse
- produced numerous successful racers
- sire of
Hophelia (FRA), dam of French endurance stallion
Kahrubaa Al Doha (CEI** FRA, winner CEN* 90 km FRA, 4th place CEN** 130 km FRA))

-  detailed race results Pyrrus:
1982 raced 3 times: 2 x I, 1 x III
   1983 raced 7 times: 2 x I (Bandos Stake), 2 x II (Derby, Wielki Szlem Stake), 1 x III (Michalow Stake)
   1984 raced 9 times: 1 x I (Orla Stake), 2 x II (Czort Stake), 4 x III (Kuhailan Haifi Stake)

- detailed  show results Pyrrus:
- Winner Arabian Stallion Breeding, Region 1 Horse Show, USA, 29/06/1986
   - Arabian Stallion Breeding Champ TOP 5, Region 2 Meisterschaften, USA, 26/07/1987
   - Arabian Stallion Breeding Reserve Champion 2, Pacific Slope-Championship, USA 06/09/1987
   - Arabian Stallion Breeding Champion, All American Arabian Show, USA, 15/04/1989
   - Arabian Stallion Breeding Champ TOP 5, Region 1 Championship, USA 02/071989
   - Winner Arabian Stallion Breeding, All American Arabian Horse Show, USA, 28/01/1990
   - Arabian Stallion Breeding Champ TOP 5, Region 1 Championship, USA 01/07/1990
   - Arabian Stallion Breeding Champ TOP 5, Region 3 Championship, USA 07/12/1990
   - Arabian Stallion Breeding Champ TOP 5, Region 2 Championship, USA, 29/07/1990

- Pyrrus derives from the celebrated tail-female line of Taktika:
   Tersk, Elite Mare and Russian Aristocrat Dam, most influential in racing pedigrees, dam of the “Six Splendids” - Pietuszok, Ptashka, Topol,
   Platina, Potencja and Trapecia, measurements: 155-185-19.5, Race Record: 2/14 (5-2-4-1-2), Winner the USSR All Union Exhibition when shown
   in hand against all breeds based on Conformation and Class. Taktika is still considered as premier source of racing talent in the breed, her
   descendants are valued as superior athletes with outstanding conformation, size, strength, substance, a dry, refined and solid constitution,
   courage and a tremendously powerful and versatile athletic ability.)

Sire of sire Bandos:
- 3-times race-winner
- considered best Polish stallion after World War II.

Dam of sire Pascha:
- daughter of 1-Mio.-US$ stallion El Paso
- dam also to World Champion Res.

Dam Escada:
successfully raced (9-2/1-2-1-2-1)

Sire of dam Dekolt:
- tremendous race-horse (22-3/7-2-6-3)
- produced several race-winners (e.g. Garsal and Minor, both long lasting racing-careers
  with 26 and 27 races in 3 years)

Dam of Dam Estana:
- successfully raced
- granddam to French endurance stallion
Kahrubaa Al Doha (CEI** FRA)

Vater/Sire/Étalon: { Bandos Negatiw { Naseem
Bandola { Witraz
Pascha El Paso { Czort
Potega { Czardasz
Potencja a.d. Taktika
Mutter/Dam/Jument: { Dekolt Palas { Aswan
Donna { Negatiw
Escada III
Estana Saudi (Elite) { Dardir
Esterella { Exelsjor