Neskick A
Ghamin (Race-winner) x  Neyrah El Samawi (Derby-winner)
*27.7.2011   Vollblutaraberhengst, reine Rennleistungszucht / Purebred Arabian Colt, pure racing lines
Rabicano-Chestnut with flaxen mane / Rabicano-Fuchs mit hellem Behang

- sold to Libya -

Neskick A as a foal:

Full brother Nesquick  A (¬¬-Premium Foal ZSAA) at 3 days old:

Dam: Neyrah El Samawi Sire: Ghamin

by Derby-Winner Aksel

Premium-mare ZSAA Germany
Winner German Arabian Derby 2002
Winner Sheikh Hamdan Triple Competition
Totally 5 international wins on the race-track
placed in 5 countries at 15 Starts in 2 years:
best German race-horse of the year 2002
(handicap 61 kg).
mares performance test racing

Race-Winner Warsaw/POL
Stallions performance test: racing
Handicap 66 kg as 3- and 4-y. old (16/2//2-5-4-1-2)
Winner in-hand Championship Solms/Germany 2000 Winner dressage class A
Successful dressage up to class L
Successfully endurance (e.g. 3rd place
   Laubacher Acht/GER 2005)
Participant Equitana Germany 2005 and 2009
Proven sire for endurance-, sports-, and racing-offspring

Full brother Nesquick  A (3 days old):

Vater/Sire/Étalon: { Naheed 1984  Elite Germany Madkour OA (Elite) { Morafic
Nagha { Gharib OA (Elite)
Race- and dressage-winner Ghamin *2000 GER Nazeefa OA  (Elite)
E-Gharlima 1987 Germany Gharoon  { Kaisson OA (Elite)
Ghroub OA (Elite)
Ghardaia  { Farag OA (Elite)
Ghroub OA (Elite)
Mutter/Dam/Jument: { Derby-Winner        Aksel (RUS) Karnaval { Naftalin
Anakonda { Piatygorsk
Derby-Winner Neyrah El Samawi Nochka
Endurance Winner             Negana El Aswad { Ibn Galal
Hamasa Negmara { Farag
Shar Gemara