Classic Performance Horses for sale:  Sport's-Arabians, Arasien® Horses & Akhal-Tekes
Verkäufliche Leistungspferde: Leistungs-Araber, Arasier® & Achal-Tekkiner
                                                              - updated 21 June 2015 -


Horses from our stud-farm are now located in the following 30 countries:

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Newton A***
Ghamin x Neyrah El Samawi
*2012 Leistungs-Vollblutaraber / Purebred Performance Arabian
Best German ZSAA-foal 2012
3***-star premium award
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Naheed x E-Gharlima (Gharoon)
*2000  Straight Egyptian (asil) purebred Arabian / rein ägypt. AV

One of the best straight Egyptian racers: winner Gr. I, handicap 66 kg, 1,58 m. Sire of 2011 & 2012 best German purebred Arabian foal 3***, sire of German champion of young endurance horses


Nanouche A
Ghamil x Nasima
*2012 Purebred Performance Arabian / Leistungs-Vollblutaraber
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Euromexx A*
Ghamil x Eudoxie
*2013 Purebred Arabian of international performance lines / Vollblutaraber aus internationalen Leistungslinien
German premium award
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Ghanouche A**
Ghamil x Gharam Bint Naheed
*2012 Purebred Arabian of international performance lines / Vollblutaraber aus internationalen Leistungslinien
German 2**-star premium award
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For sale on behalf of their owner (not located at our studfarm):


Sajeed Ibn Sharik x Talina
*2004 Purebred Arabian / Vollblutaraber

- 3rd place 160 km 2015
German Championship -
- for sale on behalf of his owner -
location: Northern Germany 

*2007 Purebred Arabian gelding
CEI1* 80 km endurance
     succesful 3rd place 17 km/h,
     fully trained, grandson of Piruet
     (like CEI4* vice champion WEG
     2014 mare Laiza de Jalima)
by Piotr (*FRA by Piruet: sire of
     numerous CEN 160km & CEI3*
     endurance successful offspring
out of Matroza (by Majpol, BG)

location: Bulgaria

CEI2* successful
 *2006 Shagya gelding, 1,59 m   
*2006 Arabian mare, 1,56  m

 60 km of Frankfurt / Germany


*1995 Purebred Arabian mare
bay, *Tersk/RUS, full sister of
     (World Champion, European
     Champion & German National
     Champion, one of the most
     influential stallions world-wide)
by Balaton (European Champion
     by Menes - Aswan - Salon)
out of Kosmetika (by US National
     Champion Muscat - race winner
     Arax - Derby winner Priboj)
location: Germany
(90 km to Frankfurt)
Ghazzai al'Anara A
*2010 Purebred Arasien
® gelding
palomino-grey, 2**-star German
     Premium award
by Kazbek (Akhal-Teke, licensed
     for breeding ZSAA)
out of Ghazza Bint Naheed
     (German Premium mare, race
     winner, mares performance
     tested, show winner)
location: Northern Germany 
Milow CS
*2011 Purebred Arabian colt
chestnut, 2*-star German
     Premium award, well ridden
by Damaskus (multiple
     international race-winner, e.g.
     Price of Europe 2000, breeding
     license graded 10 movements)
out of Morghana (by race-
     champion Marwan I - Royal de
     Carrere, race & endurance
location: north-west Germany (Dortmund)